Restriction of certain areas for safety reasons

 â–º  SAFETY
               ♦        Increased safety for people, materials and equipments
               ♦        Reduced stress and fatigue on the crane operator
               ♦        Specific design and ruggedness for severe environments
               ♦        Easy installation
               ♦        Accurate positioning
               ♦        Ambient light immunity
               ♦        Guaranteed Quality Assurance
               ♦       Reduced Customer non conformity and material damage

SPICA SAFETY system prevents an OHBC to enter in protected zones of a warehouse.steel-hoist-restriction1.png

Two SPICA sensors detect reflective and coded targets on the OHBCs beams on both axis X and Y.
These targets shall be installed on the bridge beam and on the trolley beam.
Targets are adhesive painted paper using a special bar code stencil set to identify each reflective target.
Sensor has been developed to see reflective targets on 70% of its field of vision. Targets will be 200 mm long.

When a target of protected area is detected, the system opens a relay and prohibits the crane movements in this direction.

Then, the bridge crane reduces its speed and stops completely at the limit of this protected area.
System will open the appropriate relay when a target is detected allowing only the right movements to move outside the protected area.
System also manages specific targets indicating decelerations and travel ends of the bridge crane.
There exist 4 relays for the restricted movements, 4 relays for decelerations and stops and 1 relay of good functioning of the system.
An RS422 interface allows connection to a PC of programming and maintenance.

SPICA SAFETY IS A SECURITY SYSTEM BECAUSE IS INDEPENDANT FROM THE CRANE PLC AND ELECTRICAL CABINET : there is no link with crane's PLC ; SPICA central calculator stops the movement directly in the drive system.




Two SPICA sensors Ref. SOS38-SF
One calculator Ref. SPC60-SF

One relay board Ref. SPB10 


         SPICA sensor                                   SPICA calculator 

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Réalisation SYSTONIC 2008