Cephee – Pinhole detector



Sheet metals used for the manufacture of food packaging (in particular) are produced by companies from the steel and aluminium industry. Sheet metals are manufactured using rolling mills to stretch the raw material and form a steel sheet metal of some tenth millimetres of thickness.
The stretching process of the sheet metal can induce a lack of homogeneity of the metal structure and form pin-holes.

The most critical defects are very small holes called “pin hole” existing on strip dedicated to food and liquid packaging. These holes can not be detected visually.
In order to detect those defects, we propose an automatic detector using the “dark room” principle.

Please refer to our sensor solution named "Pinhole detection" for the description of working principles. 


Performances of the standard product are the following ones:

- Detection of perpendicular holes of 10 µm minimum (depending on the sheet run speed)

Diameter of detected hole Speed of the sheet to be controlled
10 µm 700 m/min
15 µm 1 000 m/min
20 µm 2 000 m/min


- Strip thickness from 0,120 mm to 1,500 mm
- Strip maximum speed: 1000 m/mn or more on request
- Width of sheet between 600 and 1395 mm for CEPHEE10
- Range of temperature of functioning from + 10°C to + 50°C 


- Modularity
- Easy interface
- No maintenance
- Only few mm not tested on each side
- Very fast edge-mask

- High tolerance in vertical deflection


Dimensions :
- Width 1 994 mm
- Height 915 mm
- Depth 300 mm
- Height of sheet metal from  the foot of CEPHEE : 460 mm
- Fluctuations in height of the band in the detector : +/- 20 mm
- Air cleaning system

Dimensions of the control panel :

- Overall dimensions : W 800 mm, H 1000 mm, D 300 mm

Electric data :
230VAC 50 Hz / maximal consumption 100W / 16A
Cephee control panelDigital output :
Two signals are present for each detector : 1 micro-hole detection signal, and
1 signal of the active zone status (in service or not?) ; total 20 outputs.
For each digital output : output isolated with  200mA , 24V
For the output "Pin-holes": pulsed output T = 30 ms
For the output “Maxi-holes": pulsed output T = 100 ms
For output " active Zone ": 24V indicates an active zone
Main options :
Working range –10°C with additional heating system
Maxi-hole outputs: to detect holes in two different levels



Cephee 10
with 10 modules of detection to cover a working width of measurement of 1 455 mm
Cephee 09
with 9 modules of detection to cover a working width of measurement of 1 310 mm
Cephee 08
with 8 modules of detection to cover a working width of measurement of 1 165 mm
Cephee 07
with 7 modules of detection to cover a working width of measurement of 1 020 mm 


Crater : crack and hole detector
Sirius : measure equipment of strip’s width
Orion : painting defect detector 

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Réalisation SYSTONIC 2008