Beacon BMU – Infrared beacon for Sway measurement


Beacon is coded infrared light  transmitter working with the  SIRRAH  range products. It materializes  the points to be located or to be tracked.    
A special coding enables the sensor to detect a beacon among two or three. 
Several  beacons can be  analyzed  in the same time by the same  sensor.  In this case  the beacons are  synchronized with a special link.



It is made of  LEDs  with a 880 nm wavelength, connected in a matrix way.
Emission angles depend on the beacon version. : the beam can be +/-12° or +/-25°.
An associated electronic board gives the energy power and the oscillator function to drive the LEDs with pulses and modulated energy.This new beacon allows a software control for commissioning: working mode, beacon codes and infrared power are adjustable. 


BMU beacons are designed to work outside.
They are waterproof (IP66) and set up in an aluminium cast box.
Waterproofness and impact and vibration resistance are improved by using resin coated electronic boards and silent blocks.
They are particularly fitted to work up to 60 meters. They are used, for hoisting and handling applications for sway and skew regulation on cranes.
They are produced to work alone or, on the opposite, in synchronization with others : use with a “multi beacon” sensor. In this case, one of  the beacons has the “master” function for the others which are “slaves” and received the synchronization signal. 



Transmitter type :   Infrared LEDs
Wavelength :   880 nm
LEDs alimentation  :   By pulses
Beacon emission angle :   +/- 12° or +/- 25°
Infrared power :   Adjustable by software
Type :   1-beacon (mode 1) defined by software
Cycle time :   5 msec (Mode 1)
Display :   One Green LED for Power ON
Waterproof :   IP66
Weight :   700 g
Size :   120 x 120 x 88 mm
Shocks protection :   Delivered with a plate and 4 shock absorbers (rubbers)
Power supply  :   110 VAC or 220 VAC or 24 VDC (depending on user’s cabling)
Fuse :   Internal automatic fuse (resettable fuse )
Use :   10VA

With SIRRAH SENSOR LS08 25m 18m 25m



BMU-01  (110-220VAC) Cone of +/- 12° for sway and skew measurement
BMU-02  (110-220VAC) Cone of +/- 25° for sway and skew measurement
BMU-12  (24VDC) Cone of +/- 25° for sway and skew measurement



LS08 SIRRAH sensor +/- 7° 

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Réalisation SYSTONIC 2008