Sirrah LS08 / SI08 - Sway & skew sensor



SIRRAH is a sensor giving angle positions of a hoisting system fitted with an infrared transmitter : to use for sway and skew measurement.
The coordinates are evaluated as plus or minus relative to the axis of  the detector.

In its LS08 version, SIRRAH is improved for applications on container cranes of small height : sway measuring and load positioning on ground.
It is waterproof and insensitive to the ambient infrared. 


SIRRAH, fixed on the crane’s trolley, analyses the beacon position fixed on the hoist. It is the sway sensor function or positioning sensor X, Y of a load.
Its high speed of measure enables itself to enter in a sway readjustment loop.

If the spreader is fitted with two infrared beacons and the trolley with two SI08, the crane computer can also regulate the skew movement of the load. 


SIRRAH is presented in a monolithical way, in a box including optics, electronics and the processor for the measurement control. A calculator or a PLC (not provided) can be directly connected to SIRRAH to enable the use with several softwares.
SIRRAH is associated to one or several I.R. beacon to put on the spreader. It is independent from the sensor and synchronises itself automatically on SIRRAH.



  Degrees At 5 m in mm At 25 m in mm
Numerical resolution
Sensor resolution at 200 Hz <20/1000 1,8 9
Sensor resolution at 20 Hz 4/1000 < 0,5 2,5
Long distance non linearity      
* at the sensor center   9 30
* on 50% of the field   35 100

Working range :   Up to 25 m
Saturation distance :   Down to 2 m
Measurement frequency :   Up to 200Hz in mode 1 “mono beacon”: anti-sway function and X, Y positioning
    Up to 60 Hz in mode 6 “bi beacon” : anti-sway, twist and X, Y positioning
Output frequency :   Programmable by the outside calculator
Average of measures :   Programmable by the outside calculator
Detector type :   Optical : View angle of  +/- 7°
    Narrow band interferential filters
Infrared source :   880 nm LEDs beacon
Communication :   With a serial line computer : RS422 or RS232 or PROFIBUS
Power supply :   220VAC / 0,2A or 120 VAC / 0,4A   or 24VDC 50/60 Hz
Environment :   Working temperature : -20°C to  +50°C
Storage temperature :   -40°C to +70°C
Protection :   IP 54 / SI08 : IP 65
Weight :   About 2,6 Kg
Dimensions :   About  120 x 120 x 260 mm
Notes :   All the results are given in R.M.S. values at 20°C
Software :   functioning mode choice : 1, 6, 7 / Angular speed option choice
Display :   One Red LED & one Green LED on SI08


Optical filtering of undesirable waves, by narrow band interference filter  (40 nm)
Analog signal and numerical filtering
Numerical position calculation and non linearity compensation of the electrical and optical sets 


LS08 SIRRAH sensor +/- 7°     
SI08 LS08 sensor included in BO35 protective housing + SCB13 cable + SCB4 cable
LS08-P/SI08-P LS08 sensor with Profibus interface
LS08-D/SI08-D LS08 sensor with 24VDC Supply
SCB4 Power supply cable 220 VAC
SCB5 Power supply cable 110 VAC
SCB6 Power supply cable 24VDC
SCB13 RS422 cable
SCB14 RS232 cable
Associated beacon: Ref. BMU-02 (modes 1,6,7). 


TS20 SIRRAH sensor +/- 8,8°   SI20 TS20 sensor + BO35 protective housing factory mounted
TS19 SIRRAH sensor +/- 9°   SI19 TS19 sensor + BO35 protective housing factory mounted

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Réalisation SYSTONIC 2008