Sirrah SC10 - Anti Collision sensor



SIRRAH is a sensor giving the position of a lifting system equipped with one or more infra-red emitters: it is used here for the control of no collision between the boom and a vessel on ship to shore crane (STS).

The coordinates of each infra-red emitter are evaluated into positive and negative values compared to the axis of the detector.
In its SC10 version, SIRRAH is optimized to make an anti-collision system for outdoor STS crane ; sensor is waterproof and insensitive to the environment light. It works on positive safety.

Described infra-red beacon in the BMU-01 beacon data sheet, emits infrared waves with modulated energy from point. This materialize an infrared line which should never be cut by any obstacle to avoid any collision.
Measurement is totally secure.
The system is stand-alone and independent  from the PLC of the


SIRRAH is installed on the body of a STS crane (please see below drawing) ; the beacon is installed on the opposite extremity of the boom. SIRRAH evaluates permanently the position and energy of the beacon.
A software compares it permanently with the preset thresholds according to the commissioning.
According to the measured values, SIRRAH SC10 starts 2 relays to cause decelerations of the crane when it is in closed position of the neighbour vessel and stops it. 


SIRRAH is presented in a solid case including optics, electronics, the processor of measurement treatment and the relays giving the outputs.
A special housing ref. BO35 is added to offer a very good protection against dust and rain. The relays must be connected directly to the entries of the STS crane drives.
SC10 is associated to an infrared beacon to be installed on the other extremity of the boom. This one is independent from the sensor; it synchronizes automatically with the sensor. Optionally the serial cable RS422 can be used to send the value of beacon measurement towards a supervisor PLC.
BO35 protective housing                                                       BO35 connection box


SIRRAH SC10 is stand-alone and does require neither a PLC nor programming.
It is absolute safe: it is independent from a software: it’s intrinsically secure.

It blocks the crane in case of:
- power supply failure,
- obstruction of the beacon by an obstacle or dust or storm,
- direct illumination by the sun.
It does not require routine maintenance.
It is insensitive to ambient light and to the crane’s boom flexion.
It is eye- safe sensor.
A self-diagnosis system controls the important components and especially the good working of the opposite beacon. In case of detected defect, a safety relay is activated stopping the crane.



Working distance :   From 30 m to 80 m
Measurement frequency :   200 Hz
Detector type :   Optical : View angle of  +/- 6,5° - Narrow band-pass filter
Infrared source :   880 nm LEDs beacon
Communication :   With a computer by serial line RS422
Obstruction time :   Programmable from 50msec to 1000msec
Verification :     Verification of good working of the beacon by power control
Outputs :   By 2 static relays : 1 good working, 1 stop. 
Power supply :   220VAC or 110 VAC
Environment :   Working temperature : -20°C to  +60°C
    Storage temperature :  -40°C to +70°C
Protection :   IP 66
Weight :   About 6 kg
Dimensions :   About  543 x 154 x 154 mm


Stand-alone safety system – independent from PLCs.
Interface with STS :
- One relays "OK" : closed = OK, opened = not OK.
- One relays "movement authorized" : closed =  movement is authorized; opened = movement prohibited.


SC10         SIRRAH sensor +/- 6,5°  (220VAC or 110VAC, RS422, 2 relays) included in BO35 housing      
Associated infrared beacon : Ref. BMU-01


TS19 SIRRAH sensor +/- 9°   SI19 TS19 sensor + BO35 protective housing factory mounted
TS20 SIRRAH sensor +/- 8,8°   SI20 TS20 sensor + BO35 protective housing factory mounted
LS08 SIRRAH sensor +/- 7°   SI08 LS08 sensor + BO35 protective housing factory mounted

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Réalisation SYSTONIC 2008