BO35 – New Protective housing for SIRRAH sensor



BO35 housing is a special enclosure designed for all SIRRAH sensors.

It assures a very high protection against rain, storm, fog and dust.

It is absolutely necessary for harbour user : quay cranes and stacking cranes.
It gives information to the user regarding the serial line functioning.  


SIRRAH sensor is fixed inside the protective housing with 3 screws.
Its cables are connected to an external box. 

This waterproof box contains the following wires :
- Power supply (220 VAC or 110 VAC with fuse) and communication (RS422 or Profibus and RS232 ).
Additional two LEDs are used for communication status.
Optional 2 relays.

The housing is mounted on the trolley using 3 specials screws for which nuts are already included.
For an easy mounting, a special ring is welded on the housing allowing a temporary fixing of the sensor when installing on the trolley. On this ring, screw, nut and washer are available for electrical grounding.

A plate with a square hole is fixed on the front face for optimum SIRRAH protection against rain and dust.
All the electrical sockets are installed inside the box. On the side, an opening plate allows an easy plug for all cables: communication and power supply. Two cables glands allow the entrance of both cables. A third gland is available if the user wants to chain the Profibus sensors.


Option : a front side shroud could be added to limit the visible field to +/-6°.
To be used for the AC10 (collision avoidance sensor) only. 


Material : Stainless steel 316 L  
Weight : 3 kg  


Power supply connections
1) Ground
2) Neutral
3) Phase 220 VAC
4) Phase 110 VAC
Fuse included in the Phase

Communication connections

- RS422 mode
5) RX2
6) RX1
7) A
8) B
- Profibus mode
5) +5V out
6) GND out
7) A
8) B
9) A bis
10) B bis
RS232 communication mode is possible too, please see below.

GND connection with galvanic isolation

11) GNDI

GND connection

12) GND

Switch option Profibus mode
These switch allows to connect or disconnect resistors on Profibus line.
13) A- resistor
14) A+ resistor

RS232 communication mode

Standard communication mode is RS422.
To use RS232 communication mode, unplug original connector
and plug RS232 connector.
15) RS232 switch 

Two static relays in optional mode allow to send electrical
signal from SIRRAH to PLC or other.
16) Relay n°1
17) Relay n°2

LED functioning
18) Two LEDs inside box indicate serial activities.
- The Red LED lights up upon Power ON
- The Red LED flashes upon receipt order from the PLC
- The Green LED flashes when the SIRRAH sensor is transmitting data to the PLC  


BO35    For SIRRAH sensors TS19, TS20, LS08

Download Product Data Sheet

Réalisation SYSTONIC 2008