Drive monitoring and productivity - June 2006

Press release inWORLDCARGO NEWS - June 2006

Quayside crane productivity is a key performance indicator for terminal operators, yet many have surprisingly little data on actual crane performance.
Operations managers typically get productivity reports from the main Terminal Operating System but these are very limited from a crane productivity perspective, showing only number of cycles achieved over a defined period. Although several software companies have recently launched a range of real-time monitoring applications, they do not break the crane cycle down into information that can be used to identify delays.

Sensing a market
Increasingly, automation systems are developed using off-the-shelf sensors from specialist manufacturers such as Sick, Arck and Micas.

The Spica of life

Arck of France has developed several systems based on infra-red technology including its new Spica system for giving the position of a container in relation to the head block or spreader. Arck sells Spica as an integrated system with sensors and calculator and does not sell the individual components separately. Spica comes in three- and six-sensor configurations depending on the application. Three sensors will detect a container’s position below an empty spreader and six are required to align a container locked to a spreader over another container for automated stacking. In a six-sensor system, one sensor is installed on each end beam of the spreader and two on each side of the spreader. The sensors measure x and y positions by calculating offset angle in both directions and load rotation by measuring offset angle around the vertical axis. Arck’s president Marc Brouant says the advantage of infrared technology over laser systems is that there are no moving parts – laser radar uses spinning mirrors and other sensitive components and cannot, says Brouant, be mounted on a spreader. Spica has been tested at Arck’s development facility and one system has been installed at a port for evaluation.

New anti-collision sensor from Arck - Feb.2011

France-based Arck Sensor has introduced a new system to prevent collisions ...

Exhibition at ALUMINIUM 2012

09-11 October 2012 / Düsseldorf, Germany

Exhibition at TOC Europe 2012

12-14 June 2012
Antwerp, Belgium


Exhibition at TOC Asia 2012

13-15 March 2012 

Exhibition at ALUMINIUM China 2011

July 13 - 15, 2011
Shanghai New International Expo Centre

ARCK SENSOR is presenting a pinhole detector to be installed at the exit of the aluminium foil separator.

Exhibition at TOC Europe 7-9 June 2011 Antwerp, Belgium

Visit us our booth n° D32 at TOC EUROPE 2011 in Antwerp, Belgium.

We will present you our new sensor dedicated to Quay Crane Boom to Vessel anti-collision :

Exhibition at ALUMINIUM 2010

Exhibition at TOC Europe 8-10 June 2010 Valencia, Spain

Visit us at TOC EUROPE Valencia, Spain.


Exhibition at TOC Europe 16-18 June 2009 Bremen, Germany

Arck Sensor will exhibit for the 13th time at the Terminal Operations and Conference EUROPE event : The Shipping, Ports and Terminals Event for EUROPE. 
For the first time at TOC Europe, Technical Workshops and Seminars will be offered free-to-attend for all visitors at TOC Europe 2009.

Information note : upgrade to our range of infrared beacons - February 2009


More orders for Arck - June 2008

France-based Arck Sensor is understood to have another order... 

Chassis Positioning from Arck - May 2008

France-based Arck Sensor has recently installed a new chassis positioning ...

Pin-hole detection on a continuous strip : a new improving process to fully cover the sheet - December 2006

Innovative pin-hole detector : Arck Sensor proposes an automatic detector called CEPHEE …

Drive monitoring and productivity - June 2006

Crane monitoring systems can help improve productivity as well as crane maintenance.

Quayside crane productivity is a key performance indicator for terminal operators, yet many have surprisingly little data on actual crane performance... 

Arck Sensor formed - May 2006

Arck Sensor is a new company formed recently by France-based Arck Electronique, part of Groupe Arck Ingénierie (GAI), in conjunction with Marc Brouant, ...

New Arck Sensors - July 2004

France-based Arck Electronique is set to introduce a new sway/skew ...

Spread that market share - April 2004

World Port Development takes an in-depth look at the world of the spreader and components: When describing the spreader market three words spring to mind: buoyant, innovative and competitive.

Sirrah sensors increase crane productivity - Winter 1999

The continuous increase in container traffic also requires more accurate and more efficient container cranes. Performance can be improved in different ways but the most important factor is to avoid waste of time by decreasing the transfer time of the container from the vessel to the quay. 

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