Anti-collision crane to crane or crane to vehicle

DISTER is a radar designed to prevent collisions between cranes OR between cranes and vehicles running on the same way.

Yard cranes (RTG’s or RMGC’s) often need to work close to trucks or other vehicles during loading and unloading operations.

The low operating distance increases collisions risk between equipments which would create high damages.

In order to prevent accidents between yard cranes and vehicles, a new collision monitoring system has been developed to meet container terminals’ needs in terms of greater safety and to assist crane and vehicle drivers against collision accidents.

The anti collision device is based on the radar DISTER DT20 able to detect objects within a distance from 0,2m up to an adjustable distance from 2 to 20m  (DT20-11/11) or 2 to 12m (DT20-70/11).

The system would enhance safety and reliability during loading and unloading operations.
It helps and assists crane or straddle carrier driver against collision accidents between RTG’s/RMG's or RTG's/RMG's and Straddle Carriers.


Two or more DISTER equipments are installed on RTG’s/RMG's and Straddle Carriers in order to protect them from all sides.


Réalisation SYSTONIC 2008