Skew measurement with 1 sensor


Products of SIRRAH range enable measurement of sway and skew movements of the container on quay cranes.

SI20 version SIRRAH sensor enables the evaluation of view angles of each two beacons located on the crane’s spreader. The beacons are synchronized between each other through a special link cable.

SIRRAH, positioned downwards, is vertically situated in the trolley and the beacons are located top wards on the spreader. The two beacons have to be separated by a certain distance to assure a high precision.

A 3-meter distance is the best compromise between measuring range and accuracy.
Two sensors can be used for higher accuracy. 


1 SIRRAH SENSOR Ref. SI20 (TS20 Sensor included in BO35 protective housing including power and serial cables) + 2 infrared beacons Ref. BMU-01 + 1 link cable Ref. DRC3. 



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Réalisation SYSTONIC 2008