Gap between 2 containers detection


SPICA GAP is a successful solution for checking the gap between two 20’ containers under the spreader of a STS crane.

This system allows container terminal operators to increase the productivity and to enhance the efficiency of their STS cranes.

Moreover, safety is also increased with a strong diminution of accident caused by error when lifting containers.

SPICA checks if there is a GAP between two containers. 
If detected, the crane’s PLC is informed.



Its main advantage compared to other solutions is its ability to detect the existing GAP in an earlier stage of the spreader movement: it detects this existing gap at a distance of 2,5m (or more, depending on the color of the container) from the container.
In addition it is tolerant to spreader centering : +/- 350mm is allowed on top of container at a 2,5m distance.


One Spica sensor is installed inside the spreader in the middle along the long side. Usually a place is existing for the installation of small short distance sensors. This place is used to fix the Spica sensor.
Spica is connected to the crane electrical part through a relay board : 2 outputs and two inputs. 


One sensor Ref. SOS38-GP mounted on one metallic support Ref. BEME158 +2 Power supplies and one relay board Ref. SPS-01+ one 5-m cable Ref. SCA05 for connection between sensor and SPS in electrical enclosure .


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Réalisation SYSTONIC 2008