Container detection under tandem spreader



This page describes SPICA container position control system for a RMQC fitted with a tandem spreader. Sometimes, when trucks arrive under the crane to be unloaded, they are not perfectly aligned. In this case, the two head-blocks must be moved and oriented using the hydraulic system to pick-up the two misaligned containers. Those movements are wasting precious transfer time. ARCK SENSOR developed a special set of its SPICA sensors combined with a panel PC to help the crane driver to see exact position of containers by a simple graphic display. Driver can therefore move spreaders consequently to align before picking.



SPICA solution is composed of 2 sets (one for each spreader) including three optical sensors and one central calculator.


A set of three optical sensors is installed on each spreader and an associated computer (central calculator) is fixed on the head-block.
A link is needed to communicate with the display placed in the cabin of the crane (a CAN link is recommended).



Six optical sensors Ref. SOS38-ST on metallic support (ref. BEME158) and in protective housing (ref. BEME159) 
Two calculators Ref. SPC60-ST 
One display Ref. SDI10-TS 


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Réalisation SYSTONIC 2008